Agrotech is a Taman Kekal Pengeluaran Makanan (TKPM) programme that is also a well-known agritourism attraction in Sepang, especially for potatoes, yam and pineapples. Besides functioning as centre for potato crops, Agrotech also offers farm tours to its visitors.

During the visits, visitors will have the opportunity to view demonstrations of harvesting techniques, as well as learn about the various stages of crop growth.

Agrotech Sepang is located about 7 km to the northwest of Pekan Sg Pelek. The main access to the attraction is from Jalan Negeri (B119). From there, the main entrance to the attraction is located on the right side of the road.

Activities Offered

Agrotech Sepang offers the following activities to its visitors:

  • Farm Tours
  • Vegetables/Fruits Harvesting

Packages Offered

Agrotech Sepang does not offer any packages.

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