Homestay Banghuris is the only MOTAC-registrered homestay in the district of Sepang. It was established over 25 years ago and offers a wide variety of cultural and lifestyle-based activities that are grounded in the Java tradition, located within an authentic and harmonious village setting.

This homestay was awarded the ASEAN Homestay Award in 2016 because of its excellence and hard working community. Homestay Banghuris is a popular destination among Japanese students who come to learn and experience the Java Malay way of life.

Homestay Banghuris is located 7km from Pekan Sungai Pelek and 25km from Cyberjaya. From outside the Sepang district, the main access roads are from Tg. Sepat (north) and Port Dickson from the east. From Pekan Sg. Pelek, drive towards the west using Jalan Negeri B119 to arrive at Homestay Banghuris.

Activities Offered

Homestay Banghuris offers the following activities related to the Malay-Java Community tradition to its visitors:

  • Agro Tours
  • IKS Tours
  • Cultural Activities
  • Traditional Sports

Packages Offered

Homestay Banghuris offers the following packages to its visitors:

  • Package 1 : Duration: 1 day including Agro and IKS Tours (RM70)
  • Package 2: Duration: 2 days 1 night including Agro and IKS Tours (RM180)
  • Package 3: Duration: 3 days 2 nights including Agro Tour, IKS Tour, Traditional Sports and Tree Planting (RM300)

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