IKS Banghuris is a group of small medium enterprises that produce food and is run by the local community. This group comprises of 12 foodstuff companies, including chips, biscuit, frozen food and craft products forming  a distinctive IKS brand, SUGIH, which is well-known throughout the state of Selangor.

Each enterprise offers tours and visits of its premises to the public. During the visits, visitors are welcomed and presented with a demonstration of the product-making process. The visitors are also given the opportunity to try their hand at making the products.

IKS  Banghuris Group is located in the Banghuris Homestay area. The attraction can be accessed from Tg. Sepat in the south and Port Dickson in the east using Federal Road 5. From Pekan Sg. Pelek, head to the west along State Road B119 to reach the IKS Banghuris area.

Activities Offered

  • IKS Banghuris offers the following activities to its visitors:
    • Food processing demonstrations
    • “Try your own”
    • Buying IKS goods

Packages Offered

  • Tour packages to IKS Banghuris is integrated with the Banghuris Homestay tour packages.

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