Kafe Goat2Go MAEPS is the only themed restaurant in MAEPS Serdang. The restaurant is known for its fresh mutton from the farm, with the tag line “From Farm to Plate”.

This cafe offers more than 20 menu items with roast mutton being its signature dish. Served as a package with the price of RM 60/pax, the roast mutton is the main attraction of this restaurant.

However, other menu items are available and are priced from RM 10/pax and above. The open air concept, as well as the relaxing and comfortable environment makes this restaurant an enjoyable dining venue. This cafe also offers their services for ritual events, such as aqiqah and qurban.

Kafe Goat2Go is located in the MAEPS area, which is about 15 km from Cyberjaya. Its main landmark is MAEPS that can be easily accessed from outsite of Serdang through the Kajang Toll exit along the North-South Expressway.

Activities Offered

Kafe Goat2Go offers the following activities to its visitors:

  • Dining
  • Ritual activities such as qurban, aqiqah.

Packages Offered

Kafe Goat2Go offers the following meal packages :

  • Package From Farm to Plate A: RM120 (2pax)
  • Package From Farm to Plate B: RM150 (4pax)
  • Package From Farm to Plate C: RM1300 (20-30 pax)
  • Package From Farm to Plate D: RM1900 (30-40 pax)
  • Package Aqiqah: RM1400-RM1600

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