KipMall Kota Warisan is the main shopping mall attraction in the Kota Warisan area.

The mall houses more than 80 vendors that offer various fashion, food, gadgets and groceries options to its visitors. KipMall also offers an ice skating rink for children as a complement to its shopping activities.

KipMall Kota Warisan is located in Kota Warisan town centre, which is about 7km from Dengkil. KipMall Kota Warisan can be accessed using Jalan Persekutuan (29) as well as using the ERL service at Salak Tinggi Station. From the ERL station, it takes a 5-minute drive to arrive at the attraction.

Activities Offered

KipMall Kota Warisan offers the following activities to its visitors:

  • Shopping
  • Variety of local and international cuisine
  • Ice Skating Rink (Kids)

Packages Offered

KipMall Kota Warisan does not offer any packages.

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