Kuil Sri Athisaya Vinayagar is the largest Hindu temple in Sungai Pelek and was built in the 1970s. Renovations were made in 2006 to strengthen the structure of the temple. Similar to the other Hindu temples in Sepang, Kuil Sri Athisava is the focus of local Hindu to carry out religious rituals and activities.

The temple is also open to tourists and visitors as long as prior permission is obtained from the temple’s caretaker.

Kuil Sri Sri Athisaya Vinayagar is located about 1km from Sungai Pelek. From Sungai Pelek, drive along Jalan Persekutuan 5 towards Sepang for about 5 minutes and the destination will be located about 1 km from Pekan Sungai.

Activities Offered

Kuil Sri Athisaya Vinayagar is open for religious activities only.

Packages Offered

This attraction does not offer any packages.

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