Mimi Dragon Fruits is one of the dragon fruit-based agrotourism attractions in Sepang. This attraction is unique compared to the others as it uses lighting technology during the night in order to increase the productivity of the dragon fruit trees.

Four variants of dragon fruit are produced here, which are Lychee Dragonfruits, Yellow Dragonfruits, Bycolour Dragonfruits and  Honeywhite Dragonfruits. Visitors will have the opportunity to visit the 5-acre farm and enjoy tasting fresh dragon fruits.

Mimi Dragon fruits is located 5km from Pekan Sepang through Jalan Persekutuan 5 where the attraction is located on the right side of the road

Activities Offered

The attraction offers farm tours and dragon fruit tasting to its visitors.

Packages Offered

Mimi Dragon Fruits does not offer any packages.

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