Pantai Bagan Lalang is a well known beach destination in Selangor. This beach, which stretches for more than 5km, offers a wide variety of recreational and team building activities that are suited for its sandy landscape.

Among the many activities undertaken by visitors are walking 300-400 meters into the sea during low tide while watching the sunset. Pantai Bagan Lalang also rides on the popularity of the nearby 5-star Sepang Gold Coast resort in its branding.

Pantai Bagan Lalang is located in the south of the Sepang district, about 52 km from Cyberjaya. The main access to the attraction is from Sg. Pelek and Tg. Sepat through Jalan Persekutuan (5) Sepang-Tg. Sepat. From Pekan Sg. Pelek, it takes an 11-minute drive towards Tg Sepat to arrive at Pantai Bagan Lalang.

Activities Offered

Pantai Bagan Lalang offers the following activities to its visitors:

  • Beach recreation (swimming, sunbathing, picnic, kite-flying, etc.)
  • Team building
  • Walking along the beach / in the sea

Packages Offered

Pantai Bagan Lalang does not offered any packages

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