Aqua X Water Sport Village@Avani is the first water sports village in Malaysia. Offering a wide range of extreme and endurance water sports, the activities available are suitable for various market segments, especially the youth market.

The activities offered were designed to test the physical and mental resilience of the participants against natural coastal and marine challenges.

Among the most challenging activities at this place are Flying Fish, Sailing Adventure Bungee, and ATV rides, which suited with its business partner, the prestigious Sepang Gold Coast Resort.

Aqua X Water Sports Village is located in Avani Gold Coast Resort, Bagan Lalang. The main access roads are from Sg. Pelek and Tg. Sepat using Federal Road (5) Sepang-Tg. Sepat. From Pekan Sg. Pelek, it takes about 11 minutes by car towards Tg Sepat to arrive at Avani Gold Coast where Aqua X Water Sports Village is located.

Activities Offered

Aqua X Water Sports Village offers the following activities:

  • Extreme water sports (flying fish, jet ski rides, banana boat)
  • Land-based extreme sports (all terrain vehicles, hydra gel blast)

Packages Offered

Aqua X Water Sports Village also offers the following packages:

  • Package 1: RM70 (Enjoy Water Sports without limits)
  • Package 2: RM70 (Enjoy 30-minute ATV ride)
  • Package 3: RM120 (Enjoy Water and Land Extreme Sports without limits)
  • Package 4: RM130 (parasailing challenge)
  • Package 5: RM250 (Children’s Special Sailing Course)

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