Restoran Kah Heong Pao is known for its traditional Chinese kuih. Among the most popular kuih in this restaurant are its homemade bao, which are made using a recipe that has been handed down for generations.

A wide variety of fillings are available and visitors can enjoy tasting these baos from RM1.60-RM3.70 per piece. Besides the bao, the restaurant also offers assorted dumplings and dim sum to its customers.

Restoran Kah Heong Pao is located in the Dengkil Deluxe Commercial Centre that is next to Jalan Utama. This restaurant can be accessed using Jalan Deluxe, and the KFC building is the nearest landmark

Activities Offered

  • Restoran Kah Heong Pao only offers dining activities to its visitors.

Packages Offered

  • This attraction does not offer any packages.

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