Restoran ZZ Steam Pot is a well-known non-halal food tourism spot in Sungai Pelek. Its signature dish is the Seafood Porridge Steamboat which is prepared by boiling various seafood together with porridge in a single pot in order to allow the flavours and aroma to blend together nicely.

The restaurant is decorated in a ‘Vintage’ concept with various antiques from the 1970s-1990s placed around the premise. One Steamboat set is priced between RM68 for 2 pax – RM2,188 for 12 pax, depending on the ingredients selected.

Restoran ZZ Steam Pot is located in the middle of Pekan Sungai Pelek. From Sepang, the attraction can be accessed using Jalan Persekutuan 5 heading towards Tanjung Sepat where the attraction will be located on the right.

Activities Offered

  • Restoran ZZ Steam Pot only offers dining activities to its visitors.

Packages Offered

  • This attraction does not offer any packages.

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