Sungai Sepang Besar is a popular ecotourism attraction in Sepang. Raft house fishing and river cruises are among the main activities offered. Through these activities, visitors are able to take a closer look at the mangrove ecosystem while enjoying the greenery along Sungai Sepang Besar.

These recreational activities are operated by Tetuan Jeti Sirip Biru who offers a variety of tour packages that are suited to different market segments.

Sungai Sepang Besar is located in the south of the Sepang district about 52 km from Cyberjaya and Putrajaya. The main entrances are from Sg. Pelek and Tg. Sepat, which is accessed through Jalan Persekutuan (5) Sepang-Tg. Sepat. From Pekan Sg. Pelek, it takes about 20 minutes by car to get to Jeti Sirip Biru, Sg. Sepang Besar.

Activities Offered

Sungai Sepang Besar offers the following activities to its visitors:

  • River Cruise along Sungai Sepang Besar
  • Fishing (Raft house)
  • Mangrove tours

Packages Offered

Sungai Sepang Besar offers the following packages to its visitors:

  • Package 1: Sepang Besar River Cruise
  • Package 2: Raft house fishing
  • Package 3: Mangrove replanting

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