Taman Tasik Cyberjaya is the main recreational park in Cyberjaya. A combination of the natural landscape, water element and a man-made island makes this park unique compared to other parks in the Sepang district.

Various facilities are provided for recreational and leisure activities, such as family picnics, recreational sports, herb garden (ginger), etc. Visitors to the park also enjoy the green environment, lake ecosystem and sunset views in the evenings.

Taman Tasik Cyberjaya is located in Cyber 4, which is 2km from Cyberjaya town. The attraction can be accessed from Jalan Semarak Api. The nearby landmark is Masjid Raja Haji Fisabilillah, which is located beside the park.

Activities Offered

Taman Tasik Cyberjaya offers the following activities to its visitors:

  • Picnic
  • Jogging
  • Fun Activities for Children

Packages Offered

Taman Tasik Cyberjaya does not offer any packages.

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